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About the Authors

F. Ray Miller

For close to 25 years Ray has worked with a wide range of organizations in the development and implementation of customer focus and leadership training solutions that get results. Ray helps his clients achieve improved service performance by providing training solutions that are highly targeted and strategically linked to operational goals and objectives. The training provided is based on sound research and employs proven concepts and methodologies which are delivered in the most appropriate way to achieve the desired changes in mind-set and performance.


In his past experience Ray has headed the Sales and Service training group for one of Canada’s largest Banks, been training practice leader for the consulting firm Stevenson Kellogg, President of CanTrain Development Corporation and Managing Director of The Training Bank. He has worked with clients, both large and small on training initiatives in Financial Services, Manufacturing, High Tech, Construction, Aviation, Healthcare and Hospitality industries in Canada, the United states and abroad. He is a gifted writer and facilitator who has been described as both knowledgeable, motivational and humorous. Drawing from his extensive business experience, his focus is on the practical rather than theoretical.

Laura E. Miller

Laura Miller is a Human Resource Development specialist and Master Training Designer with over 20 years’ experience in research, design, instruction, and consulting.


Since 1987, Laura has designed and delivered hundreds of highly effective training programs ranging from technical skill enhancement to management development, and service quality and service leadership which are linked to corporate and operational objectives. She has developed and implemented numerous needs assessment and/or 360 degree assessment tools and processes, combined with the development of competency models and curriculum planning for a wide range of organizations during her career.


Laura is also a gifted writer, speaker and facilitator and has conducted many training programs, public speaking engagements and facilitated numerous information and problem-solving meetings in Canada and the United States spanning the range from executive management to frontline employees.

In a consulting capacity, Laura has worked with numerous organizations and business units to define development needs, develop strategies and tactical plans, design and deliver learning solutions, and evaluate outcomes against objectives.

For almost 25 years we have been working with companies both across North America and internationally, helping them to improve customer service, service quality, customer-focused leadership and more.

In that time we have accumulated considerable expertise in what companies need to do to differentiate themselves from their competition and win customer loyalty.

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