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About Our Company - The Training Bank

The Training Bank is a full service training and development firm, Headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

Operating since 1986, we develop training solutions based on clients’ specific goals and objectives, which target specific performance outcomes and get results. We have the ability to provide training solutions in traditional classroom, web-based and blended formats.

While we have developed training in a broad range of subject matter, we have extensive expertise in the realm of customer-focus, customer service and leadership. You can find out more about us by visiting our web site.

In the past 25 years we have worked with a wide range of organizations, large and small as well as multi-national. We have worked in Canada, the United States, the UK, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. As a matter of interest, one of our clients was recently awarded the International Service Excellence Award for their work in building a vibrant customer-centric organization. Some of our multi-national clients include: JT International, Career Education Corporation, General Dynamics, SNC Lavalin, Fidelity Investments, Trimark Investment Management, and Banca Commerciale Italiana ... to name a few.

Having highly skilled, well-trained employees is one of the most important investments you can make in the future success of your organization.

The Training Bank delivers training that gets results.

Custom Training Design Expertise: We have been providing effective training solutions for over 23 years. Our Mission is to help an organization's most important asset become their most effective one. We believe that the development of your employees is an Investment In Your Future Success. Our extensive experience in the development and implementation of training provides a solid resource to draw upon to help you integrate training into your specific organization.  This applies whether you select one of our world-class generic programs, a customized program, or a web-based learning solution.

Management, Supervisory Skills, Leadership and Customer Service Training Expertise: We have an excellent library of generic classroom-based and online courses on subject matter which is critical for business success. We build a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding, cause highly targeted skill development, and stimulate a strong sense of internal drive and self-motivation. All training activities are derived from thorough analysis. We focus on the effective implementation of programs which are tangible and practical. We concentrate on your business problems and challenges rather than undefined applications. Our recommendations focus on systemic solutions rather than a quick fix or treating the symptoms of a greater problem.

Health and Safety Expertise: We have partnered with experts in Health and Safety Training to provide you with some of the very best online health and safety courses you find find on the web.

Our Products and Services include:

Strategic Partnerships: We have also formed strategic partnerships with several outstanding online training specialists in order to bring you the very best online training, professional development books, CD's and DVD's. Brian Tracy International offers several unique online packages through our Brian Tracy University portal. You will also find many of Brian's best selling books, and DVD programs in our bookstore.

Highly Competitive and Flexible: While located in Ontario Canada we serve clients around the globe. Our goal is to provide you with what you want and need on your timetable. Our fees for our services as well as our online and other products are highly competitive.  

We Focus on Our Customers: We practice what we teach. As experts in Customer Service and Customer Focus training we focus on what is important to you. Our goal is to ensure that your learning experience with us exceeds your expectations. Our approach is to partner with you to ensure that your learning goals and objectives are achieved. We measure our success by your effectiveness and that of your employees to apply what you/they learn as a result of our training. But don't take our word for it. Before beginning any assignment we will encourage you to talk to our clients and find out for yourself.

Training is an investment in the future success of your employees and your organization.

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The Training Bank