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Self-Assessment Access Code Request

Now that the Internet is filled with robots and spammers we have had to create a secure way for you to gain access to the assessment and at the same time reduce the spamming problem. Our solution is to provide you with an access code to our assessment server. By providing us with your valid email address (using the form below and submitting it) we will be able to provide you with the secure access code so that you can access our Customer-Focus Assessment "How Customer-Focused Are You?". Be assured, your email address will not be given to any other parties as described in our privacy policy.

After you have entered and submitted your email address, your access code will be emailed to you immediately. This email will come automatically from our assessment server and the address is These days many people have spam blockers set up to block system generated emails like this one. If you do, please be sure to check your Junk mail in case our email is blocked.  If your system rejects our email or you do not receive this email for any other reason, email us  and we will be happy to provide you with your access code.

Please also note that an  Assessment Login Screen will launch automatically when you submit your email address. Leave this screen up, go to your email to get your access code and then enter it into the Login area.

This all probably sounds really complicated. It is actually quite seamless and only takes a few seconds.

If you encounter any difficulties contact us at 519-284-8080 or by email immediately to .  We hope you will find this assessment interesting and useful.

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How Customer-Focused Are You? Online Self-Assessment

This online self-assessment will help you to determine your Organization’s current level of customer focus. It is based on years of research into the characteristics of truly customer-focused organizations. It’s interesting and fun to complete. It only takes a few minutes so why not have a go?