Books and Workshops to build and sustain customer focus and service excellence throughout your entire organization.

Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop

Upon completion of this program participants will understand:

Participants will develop a Personal Action Plan for implementation after the program

Topics include:

  1. The Characteristics of Customer Focused Organizations
  2. Why Commit to Customer Focus
  3. Leading  with a Customer Focus
  4. Listening  to the Voice of the Customer
  5. Enhancing  and Aligning the System
  6. Building and Strengthening Service Partnerships
  7. Defining Service Performance Requirements and Boundaries
  8. Providing Personal Autonomy
  9. Measuring What’s Important
  10. Holding Everyone Accountable
  11. Recognizing and Rewarding
  12. Embedding Customer Focus
  13. Action Planning

Participants will receive a three ring binder containing all of the of reference information presented in the workshop together with learning activities, exercises and job aides.

Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop

Specifically designed for leaders of all levels including Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders, this 2-day, highly interactive program includes an effective balance of lecture, individual and group activities and exercises. The recommended class size is 12 to 14 participants.

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Train-the-trainer certification is also available.

Customer-Focused Leadership Online Assessment The Customer Focus in Action Activity Guide

The Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop provides you with 10 proven fundamentals for developing and improving customer focus and service quality throughout your team, department, division and organization.

You will explore a way of thinking and understand the kind of mind-set you will need to adopt in order to empower people to go beyond satisfaction. The Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop provides proven strategies and approaches for becoming a customer-focused leader.

After all, customer focus is a leadership issue.

The video below describes this workshop in detail. (It was produced by our training company called The Training Bank.)

Did you know that...

A popular option also available is our Customer Focused Leadership online assessment survey which participants can complete prior to the program. The results of this assessment provide a clear picture of your managers attitudes, perceptions and actions as these related to the essential customer-focused leadership practices and competencies addressed through this training.

We also have a companion assessment that can be conducted with non-management staff in or to get a 180 degree view of your managers actual performance.

We will be pleased to discuss this option with you.

Customer Focused Leadership Online Assessment

This Activity Guide is an invaluable tool to assist managers who complete this training implement what they learn in a highly structured, organized and effective manner.

This exceptional resource contains 14 Customer Focus team meeting activity guides with explicit instructions on how to conduct each meeting. These activities include:

It also includes:

The Customer Focus In Action Activity Guide